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Discovering Your Personal Values and Beliefs

Day 2: In the lab exercise to day we learned iMac ABCs, Microsoft Word fundamentals, and USB port usage. These are very basic topics but important nevertheless. One of the most interesting points that my instructor Kevin said was that discs such as CD’s and DVD’s will soon be obsolete in the new digital and internet era, and that new computers will not be equipped with disc trays.

The three basic rules of “netiquette” include; the 24-hour rule, the sarcasm rule, and the miscommunication rule. The 24 hour rule states that if you are ever faced with an email that you must respond to in a negative manner, by all means immediately type what you want to say, however do not send that letter until 24 hours later. If, after that 24 hours, you still believe that message will make a positive change to the situation then send it. The sarcasm rule is simply put; do not use sarcasm through typed messages especially with emoticons. The miscommunication rule is that if the issue related to the email or question cannot be understood after an emails then it is time to find a new source of contact whether it be in person, over the phone, etc.

Typing speed is a growing factor for the concurrent business world, and a lot of people are putting this statistic on their résumés. Keyboard shortcuts were taught today because it is much quicker to use the computer when you do not have to take your hands off the keyboard and when you know all the hotkeys. I took a typing test and scored a 62 WPM.

Today’s lecture topic was “Discovering Your Personal Values and Beliefs.” This centers on your true self-revealed, determining your true interest, discovering your personal story, goal setting, journal writing, and learning styles.

The lecture began with a few comparisons. Do you consider James Cameron to be creative? His most famous works such as Avatar, Titanic, and Terminator are surely creative works. Well how about Avatar versus Pocahontas. All of the movies that you see today is based somewhat off of a Shakespearean play or a movie that has already been made. There is very rarely something completely original, and even if you think it is, it still takes elements from previous works. The same goes for music, however the commercialized music that tops in the industry today is not anywhere close to the intricacy and beauty that it was in the past.

Just as a stock broker reads the Wall Street Journal and other stock news, it is essential for people in the music industry to keep in tune with “the Trades” such as; Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, and Billboard. Knowing who is who in the industry can greatly increase your chances of recognizing celebrities and V.I.P.’s who can help you or possibly get you a one-way ticket into the industry. It also helps to know where in the entertainment industry is headed and who is on top.

Great communicators are often great businessmen. Jay-Z is very knowledgeable and an extremely intelligible businessman. He is a master of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and he adjusts his behavior to the situation in order to manipulate his clients.

The instructor stressed that one must separate the values that will help you and hurt you, and to keep the beneficial ones. He used Derrick Rose as an example because of his experiences; He was a first round draft pick by his hometown, he won rookie of the year, got on the all-star first team his second year, and won the MVP his third. This success simply does not come to people without extreme self-discipline and hard work ethic. Like myself, Rose has three older brothers, and his family along with his city is what makes him tick. Rose is a role model that displays focus, determination, morality, value, and humility.

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