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Facebook Do's and Don'ts For Your Business

Your Fans and Friends - Your Customers

And vice versa. By regularly posting on your wall, sharing promotions or discounts or offering a sneak peek into your upcoming products you are assured an increasing number of fans and friends who will turn into customers and recommend your products and services to their friends also.

Facebook Do's for Your Business

Profile: While you make your business recognizable on Facebook you can choose to optimize your profile with images of your company's logo, products and any other noteworthy information.

Connect and Link with People and Groups: Facebook Pages and Groups are great options to create and provide your business an identity to strengthen your brand. Interact with your fans and group members and initiate discussions. Also, ensure that you address all postings and comments (good and bad) from your fans.

Promote Offers and Events: Customers who find you on Facebook and become your fan will be interested in your products and services than average customers. Keep your Facebook connections updated about upcoming events, product launches or sales and they will surely remain your loyal customers.

Facebook Don'ts for Your Business

Spam: No matter how good a product or service you are trying to market, it is not going to work if you post on your wall a number of times during the day. You might feel that this might attract your group members or fans but this will surely annoy them more.

Personal account and business account in one. Although some people believe that a personal account with information on your business makes you appear more human, it is best to have a dedicated page for your business.

Ignore requests or comments: It is essential to remain an "approachable" business so your fans and customers feel welcome into your business family and remain interested to know more.

Professional social networking websites have remained great options for promoting businesses and Facebook is turning out to be a great marketing opportunity providing some options for free.

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