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Back Door Rock Star

As I sat there reading the cover of my new book  “Europe through the Back Door” thoughts of another back door filled my head. That small elusive aperture that one may only seldom be presented on a hot summer day or cool starry night.

Some refer to it as the window of opportunity and others more would agree that its presence is a real gift.

Many have pondered the secrets of success and provided their axioms and potions to its source. I prefer take life the way you take your woman. You get what you give! This is as true to relationships as the creation of an internet marketing campaign, web site, or a new business idea.

This all brings me to rockstardom (Mathematically expressed: inspired creation + fun = rockstar). Finding the balance between focusing on the tasks that will produce the most money and focusing purely on creating functional beauty can be like walking with Johnny Cash. Making  making money at the expense of creative can leave you unsatisfied and focusing purely on creating the unforgettable can leave you hungry or worse. Sometimes in the day to day running of a business it can be easy to fall into the trap of sliding towards one end of the spectrum. However, this is a challenge that provides me with enthusiasm daily. My uncle once told me that once you start a project, such as a website, it is never finished or complete.

A big slice of humble pie like getting effortlessly man handled by a jiu jitsu expert half your size or your brain rattled by shin kick to the head are some of my favorite reminders to the infinite pursuit of perfection. The source for inspiration is boundless: Ethereal sources like kids, grandparents, animals, friendly smiles, music, art, grace in motion, nature, etc. As well as practical sources from leaders in our industry like NeboWeb and NJI Media. Travis Robertson has some really creative advertisements in his portfolio that inspire greatness. Camron Wiltshire also has some really great designs and art.

However, sometimes it’s best to not think so much and just dance

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