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Website Marketing

How to Choose the Best Domain for Search Engine Visibility

Below is a list of some important criteria to a domain:

Age of Domain

Of all the criteria for Web site ranking, this factor may be one of the most important. Why is that? Well because the most important and best domains will always go first. Secondly, how can one fake or manipulate the age of the domain? You can't its just that simple.

The search engines figure that if the domain has existed for that long, and a Web site has existed at that address for that long, there's a very good chance that the site is legitimate and that it will continue to be around moving forward. Similar to a company that has been in business for a long time has a higher probability of being around in the future. Therefore, purchasing a domain with some age behind it can be really beneficial just make sure you do a check to make sure the domain is not blacklisted or has similar problems. On the other hand you also want to make sure the domain has plenty of quality back links that can be transferred to your site. If you have any questions we at GrossiWeb are here to help.

History of Domain

Buying an existing domain can be a challenging task, better left to a professional who can do some research behind the domain to make sure it hasn't had a history of issues with the search engines.

Perhaps a domain has hit the auction block, because it's been banned and the black hat SEO is looking to dump it onto someone else that has no clue that this has occurred. They may be selling the domain purely because it is "aged."

Keywords in the Domain Name

Of course having key words in the domain is important and one can clearly see by any Google search that google places importance in it. However if you have a domain you have been using for a while dont just scrap it in exchange for a new domain with keywords. Evaluate the strengths of each and if you decide to switch use a 301 redirect to pass all the links from your old domain to the new one.

Redirecting Authority from Original Domain to New Domain

Many companies own multiple domain names for their business. Sometimes a company may purchase a competitor website but not want to keep that site live so there's a lot of value in creating a domain redirect strategy to take advantage of all the seo power in each and all of your domains.

For example, lets say that you own a company AcmeWidgets.com that produces red, blue, and yellow widgets. You purchase a competing website called YellowWidgets.com that is ranking well for "yellow widget" searches. However, lets say you want to consolidate everything into one brand and one website. What you may want to consider is redirecting (301 redirect) to the yellow widgets section of your main site. All the backlink value of the competing URL will be passed along to the yellow widget section of the main site creating some great deep linking to an important section of the site and creating instant authority for "yellow widget" searches to your site.