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Custom Content Management Systems

What is a Custom Content Management System?

In today’s age of split-second information sharing, it is no longer enough to just have a static website.  In order to maintain your edge in an evolving global market, you need an active solution that allows you to instantly edit the content and structure of your site from anywhere in the world. A Content Management System (CMS) is a net-based platform that is used for the construction and management of websites and entire online portals.

Benefits of Grossi Web's Content Management System:

  • Brand Agility – Allows you to quickly and easily add, update, or remove content
  • Provides valuable and enriching content to millions of global viewers.
  • Manages your site or portal internally, tailoring it to meet your objectives

Essentially, the CMS transforms your website into a dynamic community forum that keeps you in direct contact with your marketplace.  The CMS is a platform for managing all the content on the pages of your website including text, news, articles, images, audio, and video.  The CMS also provides the added benefit of scalability to your online objectives and can be completely customized to your business needs.  As your organization grows and requires new capabilities, we can integrate new tools into your plug-and-play platform.  This is the perfect solution for large enterprise level clients who need a stable platform to manage content seen by millions of daily viewers and subscribers.

Who is the Custom Content Management System for?

Whether you’re a small business or a global enterprise, you need to have the ability to react quickly to market needs.  Our navigation interface gives your company’s personnel the power to author and manage individual pages (and even entire portals) from anywhere in the world.  Best of all, you don’t have to be a technical whiz to be able to edit your site because it’s so simple to use!

The CMS feature is an invaluable benefit for large corporations that sometimes are slow to release new products or service information.  With this tool, employees do not have to waste time waiting on a separate tech department to add new content to their websites, because they can do it themselves.  This also makes for better content in the site because it is added directly by the content’s authors, who have a better understanding of what they are trying to communicate.

In addition, our Content Management System enables management to create multiple security levels within the site.  Your organization can customize the websites security parameters so certain individuals or departments can gain access to specific sections of a site.