My working experience with Grossi Web was a very good one. I work with a lot of web development teams that have an easy time talking about what you want but not being able to pull it off. That was not the case with Grossi Web. There was good communication throughout the process and they were able to pull off what they promised. -- Mike Lewis :: Modern Hook

Application Development

What is Application Development?

An application is a specialized piece of software that can be rapidly developed and customized to serve a specific purpose.  Applications development is the latest trend in information sharing technology because of the flexibility and control it gives to businesses that are looking for quick and easy solutions that will optimize their operations.

Grossi Web develops customized applications in three main areas:mobile-application-development

Social Network Marketing Applications

These applications can be directly uploaded onto popular social networking sites such as Facebook, personal web browsers, and internet blogs.  Designed to be useful and entertaining, they can be easily downloaded by web surfers and accessed by visitors to your website.  Fun, practical, and easily sharable, these apps can maximize your brand exposure and perpetuate your popularity throughout the World Wide Web.  They also are great for link building and search engine optimization

Mobile Applications

Whether your application is meant to brand your company, attract more visitors to your website, or provide your company with a helpful tool that they can access from anywhere through a mobile phone, Grossi Web can build a custom mobile app specifically to meet your goals.

Systems Based Applications

Tailored for your unique business needs, these applications (such as order tracking systems, customer relationship management  system (CRM) and central intelligence systems) are customized solutions that help your online operation run efficiently and are great for developing eCommerce.