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7 Ways to Increase Your Google Rank

3. Sitemaps are a good option to increase your rankings. Simply out they are a list of your web pages, which you should create and submit (in XML format) to major search engines like Google. This will help search engine robots to crawl the pages of URLs which may have been missed in the normal crawling process.
4. Directory submissions, especially to Google, Yahoo and Bing take a few seconds. List your website details on the top directories (most will accept free submissions) and you are assured good rankings.
5. Say no to flash because search engines cannot read flash. Only recently Google has been able to pick up some content from flash but its better to stay away from flash.
6. Social media marketing has been acknowledged as the "minimal effort - big results" technique. All you need to do is post relevant and useful content on various sites such as Twitter, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon etc and you are assured higher rankings.

The importance of SEO services is well known to any webmaster. Without SEO, your website would surely be far behind the 1 million websites which are registered everyday and strive for a Google ranking. It is important to use white hat techniques only to avoid flouting ethical norms and being blocked by Google.

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