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Website Marketing

How to Market Your Company on Yelp

To begin with, sign up on Yelp and maintain a consistency in branding your profile. Keep it similar to your profile on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and LinkedIn. Add your website and blog to the "Interests" area and review your favorite businesses. You can even put up your business profile so customers can review your business.

Find your business and stake your claim before someone else posts irrelevant contact details and product information so you stay away from reputation nightmares and lead consumers to the right place.

If you have an event coming up use the events section on the site to add the event you are hosting, sponsoring, exhibiting your services, attending at or even speaking at.

Stay active on the community page by reviewing other businesses and build a network to help grow your brand and garner more traffic to your website.

Let your friends know when you use Yelp. You can tweet and update your Facebook profile when you post a Yelp review and this could lead you to more Yelpers.

Ensure that you embed the badges which you receive on your website or blogs. These are excellent for your customers to find that you have a number of happy customers to your credit. You can use these badges on your printed marketing and advertising items also.

You can choose to tell your customers about upcoming deals or any other related announcements on Yelp. It will be featured on the Announcements and Offers directory and customers are more likely to check it to find deals in their locality. For example if you are a website design company offering free logos to your first ten customers, you are most likely to be flooded with requests in the very first day after posting the announcement.

Want to market your website for free? There are a number of Internet marketing solutions which you can use to ensure great links to your website and targeted traffic for your various services. SEO companies will analyze your website and provide you with a plan to achieve your online marketing goals. Try services at Grossi Web and watch your online business grow!