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Best Ways to Use Twitter for Your Business

This constant stream of communication is adding close to 10,000 users every single day and this could mean huge opportunity for your business. With the right message "tweeted" you could not only rouse interest among your customers but press and analysts also. And with the available support applications it only gets simpler. Take a look at some of the best tools which you can use:

  • Download the Twitter Toolbar and gain instant access to Twitter with versions available for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • FutureTweets will let you schedule your tweet for any specific date and time you choose. With this, you can be sure that you don't miss promoting any important event on Twitter. You can even schedule reoccurring tweets to post daily, monthly or yearly.
  • Tweetbeep is a great application to track Twitter conversations which mention you, your business or any of your products and services.
  • TwitHawk will help you connect with customers in your area by sending Twitter users your custom response whenever they tweet keywords related to your business in locations that you have specified. For example if you are a roofing contractor and someone looks for hardwood floors 10 miles away, your response will be sent to them.

You can find many other interesting Twitter apps on various websites. Most importantly, Twitter is a great networking tool and provides you with an opportunity to meet and interact with a number of people and they could turn out to be the business contacts you were seeking or help you find out more about what your customers think.

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