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Website Marketing

Google Adwords - SEM Tricks from the Experts

SEM works to make sure your website stands out in the crowd and is easily found. You can hire a programmer who understands it or speak to a SEM expert on the best way to utilize google adwords, which is one of the online tools that help you find keywords commonly used by users.

Some tips from experts gives us a glimpse of how to make those google adwords work for you.

Understand Your Website

The questions you should ask are-

  • What is the focus of your website?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How will they find you on the internet?

Research Keywords

Keywords are the words that a user types in a search engine to find a product or information. Keyword research is a crucial SEM technique according to experts.

To build a list of keywords that will direct a user to your website, try these tricks:

  • Check out the web pages of your direct competitors and spot the keywords that they are using.
  • Google’s adword tool gives you a list of relevant keywords and the numbers indicate their popularity with the users. You can use Mozenda to download the adwords result and put it up on a spreadsheet for easy reference.
  • Use a simple, easy to remember keyword as your domain name if possible.
  • Programmers can input Meta titles and Meta descriptions that the search engine spiders pick up and lift up your ranking on the search results.
  • Consider all the synonyms that will be used to locate the product or information. For instance, a user can substitute adwords with keywords.

Keyword Density

Keyword density refers to the amount of times relevant keywords are used appropriately throughout the content.

  • Use 3 to 5 per cent keywords for every 500 words. Anything more can put off users and stilt the meaning of the content.
  • Make sure the home page is keyword rich.

If the keywords you choose to use have a high performance rating according to Google adwords, then your SEM effort will be rewarded with your website’s ranking shooting up. Want to know more? See how internet marketing can help your business increase traffic to your website and expose your brand to millions of web users. By delivering sound business processes merged with technological creativity, Grossi Web helps clients develop and implement profitable online strategies.