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Grossi Web Consulting launches LegalCreation.com

“LegalCreation.com is the new hybrid standard in law firms combining easy to use technology with professional legal advice and knowledge allowing them to provide a full range of legal services for minimal cost,” says Kevin J Pratt: Attorney, CPA, Co-Founder of LegalCreation.com and Georgia State University Professor.

LegalCreation.com allows you to request online the preparation of a wide range of legal services and documents which are typically filed with courts or government agencies—from Georgia LLC’s and Incorporations to Wills and living Wills, deeds, contracts, leases, and small claims--for about one-tenth the cost of what a traditional law firms would charge. Is this a statement meant to imply that most lawyers gouge their clients in fees? "No, it just means that some legal services, if done more efficiently, can be completed faster, more accurately, and at a fraction of the costs it takes a typical Atlanta Georgia attorney or law firm with less experience. Efficiency is gained by allowing the initial contact with the attorney to occur via the internet.

“The fact that 50 percent of Americans choose not to hire a lawyer for some important legal matters suggests a more affordable option is needed…Our goal is to be the legal solutions provider of choice” says Ladan Pratt: Co-Founder of LegalCreation.com.

The Clients of LegalCreation.com, a division of Kevin J. Pratt PC,’s have used its services to draw up wills for as little as $95 vs. the $650 and more you might pay a traditional attorney who charged you $220 an hour, or to incorporate their businesses for $195 plus state fees, compared to the estimated $1,369 a typical law firm might charge, again, using a typical attorney’s bill rate of $220-per-hour rate as an estimate. But money isn't all that matters to LegalCreation.com clients; efficient services also matters. That's what sold Richard O. he paid $495 for his 1031 Tax deferred exchange that he requested from his living room in 15 minutes. Not bad, considering he stands to defer taxes of over $45,000.00.

LegalCreation.com is an extremely helpful tool that gives all Americans the opportunity to leverage their rights and get what they legally deserve…at least that is the idea,” said Stefano Grossi, Director of Grossi Web Consulting an Atlanta web marketing firm, who redesigned the site from scratch three separate times to insure maximum simplicity, security, and accessibility for users.

It takes just a few minutes to complete the questions online. The responses provided will then be reviewed by an experienced attorney. The Georgia attorneys and staff will then draft the required documents and cause the required documents to be filed with the United States, State, or County, or delivered to the Client, as the particular matter requires.

If the attorney work product is to be sent to the client directly, it can be sent via Fed Ex, US mail, or E-mail, as they select. This in fact is the LegalCreation.com competitive edge, highlighted Pratt, referring to the fact that almost all online competitors are not attorneys, and Most attorneys are not yet delivering legal services via the internet.

As for the non-attorney companies which claim to provide legal documents without practicing law, most States have already stated that drafting documents for a fee, and creating Incorporations or a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for another person is practicing law. At Legalcreation.com “we want our users, our clients, to know that we have the authority, training, education, knowledge, license, and experience to provide the requested legal services correctly and efficiently, at a reasonable cost, period!”

“It was like filling out an application for work. It was just really easy. I went through the steps. It took me maybe about 10 minutes to fill it out. I sent it back to the attorneys at Legalcreation.com. It was really simple,” said new Georgia Incorporation business owner, and Legalcreation.com client Steve C., “and the best part was when I had a question they were only a friendly phone call away to help me complete the process.”

One nice thing about the LegalCreation.com service is that you don't have to pay until you're finished providing the information and have submitted the request. That means you can get the experience of trying it out for free. You can see how easy it is for free. Really, you point click, answer some questions, and you have an attorney, and entire law firm looking out for your rights and protecting your assets.

While LegalCreation.com is initially focusing on the Georgia legal services market, look for them to expand into more states in 2008. They currently have two offices in Atlanta for those of you who still prefer to do things the old fashioned way at a Bricks and Mortar Law Firms.

Gwinnett County
3461 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd.
Suite D
Suwanee, GA 30024


About LegalCreation.com

Our Mission at LegalCreation.com is to provide quality, professional legal services while saving you time and money, all while providing client support and advice that create an attorney client relationship with emphasize on relationship. We are able to achieve our goal because our clients can have our law firm create legal documents online such as the creation of a Georgia Limited Liability Company and operating agreement, or a new Georgia Corporation and initial corporate records by requesting the services from a computer in their home, office, or wherever they have access to the internet. From a home or office our client can request and receive a quality custom Will, Living Will, or power of attorney. That’s right, the documents can be delivered to our clients electronically with detailed easy to understand instructions regarding execution of the documents. If the client has questions, our staff is simply a call away. If necessary or desired, a Will, Contract or Power of Attorney, can be scheduled for execution in one of our offices. Because we have developed an efficient and cost effective method of delivering our legal services, we can achieve our mission to provide quality, professional legal services at fraction of the cost charged by other lawyers. How efficient? For many of our services our clients will simply answer a few questions online and their documents will be prepared by our professional Attorneys to their satisfaction within 48 hours. Because of our training and experience, our firm can also assist our clients with Real Estate, Contracts, Landlord Tenant, Litigation, or Collection matters.

We will never forget that our clients have a choice when selecting a legal services provider. Our mission is that our clients not only be satisfied with the quality and cost of the services provided, but will tell others to go to LegalCreation.com “because your rights are worth protecting”.

If the legal service requested is an LLC, Corporation, Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney, S-Corp Election, EIN Application, Real Estate Contract, Lease, Quit Claim Deeds or 1031 Agreement you may elect to have you documents delivered, via email, regular mail, Fed Ex, or in office pick-up.

All of the legal fees for the services performed by the attorneys at LegalCreation.com are spelled out upfront. There are no surprises. We understand that although many of our legal services will be requested and delivered through our web site, there may be times when you have questions regarding the services you are requesting or services you have received. For those situations, we offer free telephone support to our clients.

As a law firm we are governed and regulated by a serious Code of Ethics. Therefore, you can be rest assured that all your confidential information will remain 100% confidential. Because we are confident in our training and experience, we offer a 100% Quality Assurance Guaranty. This means that if you discover an error in a document prepared by LegalCreation.com we will correct it immediately and without cost.

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