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The Secret to Marketing

Secret #1 - There is no secret! Secret #2 - There is only one secret So what is the key to a successful marketing campaign? First of all, you have to develop a well developed strategy that maximizes the full exploitation of your resources. Your strategy will consist of long, and short term goals. Once you have developed this plan, you must implement the plan. Implementation means accomplishing all your daily tasks to meet your goals. Similar to exercising, in order to become stronger or lose weight you have to stick to your exercise plan. eg. 200 push ups, 500 sit ups, and 5 mile run. Now you can take special pills, pay an expensive trainer, or join the fancy club, but none of these are going to get you to your goal unless you consistently accomplish your daily tasks. This is the genius in quotes such as: "Through discipline you will attain freedom" and "Build your skyscraper one sheet of paper at a time" You need to develop the level of discipline and work ethic to adhere to your plan, because this is what is going to allow you to attain what you desire. In an organizational setting this becomes a difficult objective. Therefore, it is crucial that there is widespread communication and accountability so that every individual will understand the reason for their individual tasks. Every individual should have a solid understanding of what they must do, how they will do it, why they are doing it, and how they will be compensated for their time and commitment. Asking the right questions and collecting the correct information is vital in developing a successful sales strategy that reduces the overall sales cycle and results in increased revenue. Product or Service Analysis What are you providing and how does it help the buyer. What are the pros and cons of your good or service? (short, mid, and long term) What is the product or service flow? Who are all the essential individual and parties involved in delivering the good or service? How is the client introduced, what must the client provide, what is the average timeframe for the sale, what recurring opportunities exist for future sales, what are the costs involved of a sale? This helps us answer who are our buyers and how can we reach them. SWOT and Performance Analysis What are your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? What has been your successes and failure in the past selling this good or service? What were the client responses and what were the major obstacles? Industry Research and Competitive Analysis Who sells a similar product, what is their market, what are they doing, what is their return? How have they branded their company, good or service? Customer Data and Satisfaction How do you want your customer to feel when they see your product or service? What is their emotional response to your good or service and your company? Once you have gathered and analyzed all this data, put it into a concise document that summarizes your research and findings. This document will serve as your touchstone in designing your successful marketing campaign and remember: "The Journey is the Reward”" - Lao Tzu GrossiWeb is a full service Interactive Marketing agency that offers a broad range of Web presence solutions for medium to enterprise level organizations. By delivering brilliant strategy through a dedicated and experienced team of interactive experts, GrossiWeb helps clients develop and implement successful online strategies. GrossiWeb’s interactive marketing services range from complete interactive marketing engagements to standalone projects such as Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Management (PPC), Interactive Ad Creation, eCommerce Development, Online Public Relations and more. For more information on GrossiWeb, visit www.GrossiWeb.com or call 1.888.Grossi1.