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"You Get What You Give" - 10 Ways to Market

A former business colleague and I used to play chess regularly and one day he introduced me to an ancient game called Mancala. Mancala has its roots in Africa and its object is to capture as many stones at possible from your opponent. I quickly became consumed in the infinite mathematical complexity of such a simple looking game.

After entertaining numerous defeats, I replaced my logical style of hoarding with the wise adage of giving. I learned that the more I gave away in the beginning, the more I would receive in the end. This little game, and the story of Vito Corleone, has provided a great lesson that I have employed and continue to employ in my personal life and professional career. As W.C. Fields once said - “A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money”

1) Send birthday, holiday, and thank you cards to colleagues and clients. This may seem cumbersome and unnecessary but people will remember.

2) Get a local reporter to use you as an expert in your field. Send an email offering commentary on a news story. Learn how to translate your technical industry jargon into English and reporters will love you.

3) Make sure everyone in your building or office knows who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.

4) Ask your clients to refer others to you. When you complete a project, and they express gratitude, this is the time to tell them you hope they’ll send their friends to you.

5) Send little scrap cutouts or news stories related to your client’s business. Even if its not 100% useful to your client it sends the message you are thinking of them.

6) Have lunch or dinner frequently with clients, colleagues, and potential competitors. In other words, Network now for results tomorrow or next year

7) Get to know your client’s business. Visit them and show you are interested. This will help you to service them more effectively.

8) Cross Sell – when you complete one project, remind your clients that you handle other matters as well. For example, when I complete a web design project it’s the perfect lead into the marketing phase.

9) Press Releases – press releases are great, especially for small companies, because they are more believable than traditional advertising and you can receive much greater coverage for your advertising dollar.

10) Have Patience – stay positive, get all the details down, always over deliver with a smile and have fun!

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