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Website Marketing

Atlanta Web Design : How to Make a Cool Website

The Internet is big business today and there are a number of cool websites which contain a good portion of fun apart from being informative. Do you want a cool website of your own? Do you have a website which you would like to turn into a cool one? Use these tips:

  • Web design: There are a number of cool web design ideas which you can use. Websites with great design are sure to attract surfers and when topped with great interactivity you are assured a cool website. You can find a number of website design tutorials online or if you find the process overwhelming, you can choose to hire a web designer.
  • Blog: A regularly updated blog surely is a great reason for a surfer to return to your website more often. It also gives you an opportunity to interact with your readers through comments. While you are planning your website, don't forget to include a blog. It will surely add to the "cool" quotient of your website.

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7 Ways to Increase Your Google Rank

There are a number of elements which Google considers important on your website. Here are the top seven tips you need to consider to get a good rank on Google:

1. Apart from updating your content on a regular basis and ensuring that it is not stuffed with keywords, you need to use one or two keywords in your title tag (they are short coded descriptions of the pages that are used by search engines to describe a webpage).
2. Choose your domain name with care. Try to purchase domains for long periods because Google will view such sites as stable when compared to "here today, gone tomorrow" sites. Also choose a domain name which bears your industry. For instance, choose "bartsbakkery.com" instead of "bartsstore.com"

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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

The social media buzz is getting louder by the day. It offers a great opportunity to promote your company. It provides businesses a platform for exclusive information and offers to the most loyal customers. Also, it offers a community-building platform for brand enthusiasts where they can review, provide word-of-mouth buzz and thus promote your company/brand. Most importantly, it lets businesses gather intelligence on the market and customer.

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Video Marketing - Should My Business Be on YouTube?

Video marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to your potential customers because it offers the best means to present your products and services. Video has great impact on the viewer and brings in the advantage of the classic TV advertising too. Video ads can contain demonstrations of a product's usability and can help prospective customers understand the usability and advantage of your product better.

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Web Safe Fonts to Use on Your Website

Web safe fonts are the ones which remain common along all versions of Windows, Mac, etc. Basically, these are text styles, which every user (irrespective of their OS) can view. Here's a list of web safe fonts which you can use to make your website attractive and user-friendly.

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