I had been approached by multiple so called experts marketing legal websites, I decided to give Grossi Web Consulting a shot and they quickly designed a powerful and elegant presentation and best of all, I was on all the major search engines in a matter of days. Now the clients that are looking for us can easily find us. -- Michelle : Beau Kaye & Associates.

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Using Cron Job to automate a task or script

Have you ever needed to run a particular Unix command, PHP or Perl script on a regular basis?

You obviously can't be bothered to run it manually every so often (especially if it has to be run daily!). So what are you going to do? Use a Cron Job!


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Redirecting a subdomain to a url or directories in apache

If you want to be able to redirect xxxx.domain.com to domain.com/xxxx/ so that xxxx.domain.com is shown in the address bar here’s a quick and dirty how to:

First off if you want any subdomain to be able to be redirected first you need to set-up your DNS correctly. It is likely you will need root access to carry out apache config alterations. In my case this was as simple as going to the people that host my domain and adding an A record with the wildcard * that pointed to my server’s ip address. Bear in mind your DNS settings may take a while to work so be patient. Before you proceed you should check that anything.domain.com resolves to the ip address of your server.

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"You Get What You Give" - 10 Ways to Market

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in the past few years is that you have to give in order to receive. I had heard this statement frequently growing up but it wasn’t until I actually was able to dissect the pattern that I was able to truly grasp the powerful forces at play.

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The Secret to Marketing

Every company we work with wants to know how to market more effectively. What is the secret to marketing? Well, we at GrossiWeb are a pretty open group of professionals and have decided to let the monkey out of the box.

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Dangerous Marketing Campaigns

Targeting your key demographic online is getting harder and harder. While new portals that offer information to niche markets spring up like summer weeds, it is hard to decipher the legitimacy of not only their readership, but the depth and significance of their content, the source of their traffic, and the accuracy of their traffic reporting. The reasons for this lie in not only the increasing popularity of the internet for all ages, but the costs and low expected results now associated with "targeted" marketing campaigns.

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