My working experience with Grossi Web was a very good one. I work with a lot of web development teams that have an easy time talking about what you want but not being able to pull it off. That was not the case with Grossi Web. There was good communication throughout the process and they were able to pull off what they promised. -- Mike Lewis :: Modern Hook

Search Engine Marketing – Pay Per ClickAdvertising

Every day, millions of people are looking online for specific goods or services.

(PEW Internet & American Life Project Report – “Search Engine Users” January 2005)

What is Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click Advertising?

Search Engine Marketing, also called Pay Per Click (PPC), generates high volumes of targeted traffic to your website by advertising directly to your demographic through services provided by search engines. PPC advertisements containing information about your products or services are prominently featured on top and alongside the results pages of searches for keywords or phrases relevant to your industry.  PPC ads are a great way gain maximum exposure to potential customers who are specifically interested in what you have to offer.

Also, news forums and special interest groups have shown to be great avenues for sharing information with customers of targeted industries and reaching a large number of people with a minimal investment. The cost of advertising in these new mediums is very low, especially when compared to television or radio advertisements), but they demand ongoing attention and effort to remain effective.

How can PPC Advertising help my business?

While internet marketing has proven to be a cost effective method of gathering a large number of promising leads, it has become an extremely competitive market.  Therefore, smart and aggressive strategies are needed to stay ahead of the competition.  Grossi Web will create and manage effective PPC advertising campaigns that will generate new business by the second.  Best of all, we manage the campaign based on what you desire to achieve, saving your time, money, and effort.

With Grossi Web PPC Services:

  • We get your ads to the top of the major search engines
  • We manage and adapt your ads with creative copywriting to yield optimum effectiveness
  • We research and utilize the keywords and phrases that will optimize your exposure and maximize your return on investment.  Our team devotes time and energy determining what keywords will cost you the least, focus on your target market, and elevate the recognition of your brand.
  • We incorporate strict controls and can customize any campaign to your needs